Steve Wozniak a ako to bolo pred založením Applu

Vďaka AllTop som narazil na veľmi pekné video, kde Steve Wozniak hovorí o svojich začiatkoch a o vzniku Apple.

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Okrem iného Steve napísal knižku s podareným názvom iWoz.

29. November 2009 at 12:02 - Blogs (Tags: , , ).

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    • I consider using delay/sleep in IoT methods as bad practice. It reminds me of goto in old days of C. Just try it without delay... Be async
    • I'd like to report IoT success: Temperature -> DHT -> ESP8266 -> WiFi -> MQTT -> Node Red -> Influx DB -> Grafana.
    • Lamp ESP8266 code updated and WiFiManager is working. Here you can read about some gotchas with WiFiManager:

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