13. November 2016

Silicon Germany – book recommendation

There are many books about startups and lean thinking from USA. They have one big problem in common. These books does not match with situation and environment in Europe. Buying those books and trying to apply them in Europe is in many cases waste of time.

I’ve been searching for books based on European context. I have found only few European authors.

Prof. Günter Faltin wrote book Kopf schlägt Kapital which apply similar thinking like Steve Blank and Lean Canvas.

Stefan Merath wrote several books about customer relationship and how to build working business model. He has similar style like Eric Rise and Lean Startup.

Recently I discovered very intriguing book with the title Silicon Germany written by Christoph Keese. Christoph is investigating reasons why products from German or other European companies are simply bellow average and why they struggle so much to catch with latest products from California.


If you want get better understanding why Europe has so many problems with innovations then I recommend this book to you.


26. August 2012

WebExpo Startup Camp – summer 2012 – materials

I’m glad that I had opportunity to join Startup Camp in Trhový Štěpánov as mentor. Together with startup teams we were discussing and preparing new sites for their products. People were learning how to use Git, how to program in Python and how to create sites in Django. At the end of the day they were able to create prototype or deploy it to Heroku cloud.

Yyou can find my slides at SlideShare or download it as PDF.

Examples of Python code and simple Django testing project are available at GitHub in repository try_git.

Read more about WebExpo Startup camp.

18. May 2012

StarCube Show – demo day for projects participing in StarCube

StarCube Accelerator 2012 was great boost for new startups. There was cool event: StarCube Show in Observatory and Planetarium Brno.

StarCube team prepared for you recordings of this spectacular event. Check it out at: http://www.superlectures.com/starcube2012/.

7. February 2012

StarCube – New program for startups in Czech republic

Microsoft Innovation Center in Czech republic announced new program for startups – StarCube.

StarCube is continuation of MIC Akcelerator 2.0.

I will participate as member of mentors team. My primary focus will be: Software development in startup company. I’m looking forward to discuss new challenging topics. 🙂

27. April 2011

Creating Start-Up

I found quite useful material related to the topic of start-ups.

Successful entrepreneurship 1
View more presentations from steve blank

This slideshow is quite important, because it explains how Business Model Canvas works. You can download Business Model Canvas in PDF form.

This framework is handy and it could help with answering some questions about start-up or entrepreneurship.

You can find even more information at Steve Blanks web site.

8. April 2011

Phil McKinney – Innovation and corporation

Phil McKinney is man who deals with innovation and he helps organizations with introducing innovation. He is also author of very good podcast – Killer Innovation.

Here is video recording from his talk: Innovating in spite of the corporate antibodies.

24. March 2011

Large corporations don’t hire innovative people

Is that title strange?  Or do you find it familiar?

I’d like to share something interesting with you.

I’m happy that there is video from Steve Blank’s talk about Democratization of Entrepreneurship.

He’s clearly talking about many aspects of building companies. You probably won’t find these kind of information in common business books.

Here is the video:

You can find further information and slides at his blog: steveblank.com

15. July 2010

Bájka: Náš ľadovec sa rozpúšťa – riadenie zmien v organizácii

Zaviesť zmenu do organizácie nie je vonkoncom jednoduchá záležitosť.  Naivný prístup, že manažment povie: “Budiž zmena.”, príliš nefunguje.  Podstatným blokujúcim faktorom zavedenia zmeny je strach. Ľudia sa obávajú o svoje pracovné miesta, nechcú meniť rokmi zabehnuté postupy.

Kde zohnať aspoň základné informácie o tom, ako je možné úspešne zaviesť zmenu do organizácie?

Odporúčam bájku: Náš ľadovec sa rozpúšťa (Our Iceberg is Melting) od Johna Kottera. Kompletnú recenziu nájdete na stránkach Inovace.cz.

Na stránkach Kotter International nájdete aj video, kde John Kotter rozpráva o knižke.

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