8. January 2014

The story behind PF2014 – Cordova – slides

Slides available in formats: PDFSlideShare

Web version: http://pf2014.sinusgear.com
Mobile versions: Android, App Store, Amazon
Source code: GitHub

14. May 2013

How to debug :hover pseudo class in Google Chrome Developer tool

Google Chrome developer tool is simply one of the best tools available for debugging of HTML5 applications.

It has one neat feature: possibility to inspect CSS of element and editing it on the fly.

That works fine for normal styles, but what about :hover state?

There is one “hidden” option which allows to switch element to :hover state.

Inspect element of HTML. You should see Styles on the right hand side. There are 3 icons. Click the middle one with arrow sign. It will pop up menu with checkboxes. You can select here CSS pseudo classes like :active, :focus, :hover or :visited.


To learn more about capabilities of Google Chrome developer tools I recommend to go through free course Discover Dev Tools from Codeschool.com.

20. January 2013

Edge Animate – first experiment

New Adobe Edge Animate looks pretty good. Here is my small experiment:

13. January 2013

3D HTML inspection in Firefox

Firefox has one very neat feature for web developers – 3D inspection. It’s very useful when you need to examine layer overlay or event bubbling.

Just right click and choose Inspect Element:


You’ll switch to inspect mode. Click 3D View in the right bottom corner.


Simple 🙂

22. December 2012

PF 2013

[SK] Pomôž snehuliakovi nájsť vianočný stromček.
[EN] Help little snowman to find Xmas tree. 😉


Open just PF 2013 game (useful for mobile).

Check out older PF:

Grab source code from GitHub. Images edited by Photoshop CS6. 🙂

11. March 2012

29.3. 2012 – Slovakia AUG – Bratislava – Invitation

Adobe User Group Slovakia is organizing another event for fans and friends of Adobe technologies.

Where: Galvaniho 17/C, Bratislava, Slovakia – IBL Software Engineering office

When: 29.3. 2012 – 17:00 – 20:00

You can find more details about Adobe User Group Slovakia at: slovakia.groups.adobe.com

Feel free to join this event. 🙂

29. January 2012

Quick online QR code generator in JavaScript

Update: quick access to this application – qr.sinusgear.com

I found nice jQuery plugin for generating QR codes written by Jerome Etienne: jquery.qrcode.

It’s fairly easy to use. Just pass a text to function and QR code is ready:

jquery('#qrcode').qrcode("this plugin is great");

Here is small application that generates QR codes on the fly as you type.

You can also download QR code as image (use: Chrome, FF, Opera or Safari for download).

Enter text:

Link to standalone QR code HTML5 application.

5. January 2012

Videos from AUG Slovakia – November 2011

Videos from AUG Slovakia – November 2011 are available at: vimeo.com/augsk. Slovak version only.

Meeting Agenda – November 2011

Flex Components Lifecycle / Tomas Lehuta

The Future of 2D in Flash / Peter “Shtif” Štefček

Making Things / Martin Cagalinec & Ivan Klim

You can find out more about Adobe Slovakia User Group at groups.adobe.com.

Recording are available thanks to Franto and Lharp.

31. December 2011

PF 2012

[SK] Nájdi cestu k pokladu.
[EN] Find a path to the treasure. 😉

[SK] Odkaz na aplikáciu.
[EN] Link to application.

Note: Map is based on one geocache puzzle.

20. November 2011

Unexpected token ILLEGAL in jQuery.i18n.properties

jQuery.i18n.properties is useful library based on jQuery. You can use it to load .properties files with localization to web application.

I made upgrade of jQuery in my application from version 1.6.2 and application failed with error:

Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token ILLEGAL

I spent some time debugging jQuery and i18n and I found out that one of .properties file contains weird property with name:

1_guide=1 guide

Problem was in numeric prefix. Solution is quite easy: fix property.

one_guide=1 guide

This problem occurs when you upgrade jQuery to 1.6.3 and higher.

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