24. May 2011

26.5 – AUG – Bratislava – CS5.5, Android and more

When? 18:00.

Where? IBL Software Engineering

Further details about event are at groups.adobe.com or at emglare.com.

Feel free to join meeting.

24. May 2011

WebGL: 3 Dreams of Black

Just grab Google Chrome or Firefox 4 and watch this nice video clip 3 Dreams of Black.

Wonderful piece of computer art. 🙂

You can find more info about technology behind the scene in following video:


4. April 2011

Standard Slide – camera orbit in WebGL

Paul Brunt sent me a link to collada viewer in GLGE with camera orbit.

I downloaded the demo and I put there collada model of Standard Slide. It was just exported from CAD app without any adjustments and it works much faster than FP without Mollehil.

You can test it in Firefox 4 and Google Chrome.

2. April 2011

Molehill – Who is behind 3D stage?

Adobe is expanding possibilities of 3D apps implementing by Molehill low level 3D API into Flash Player.

Who is behind this technology?

Here is small interview with Sebastian Marketsmueller and Grayson Lang.

You can find out more about Molehill at labs.adobe.com.

7. March 2011

Adobe Evangelists

Primary goal of evangelist at Adobe is to spread word and enthusiasm about cool technologies around the world.

E.g. Tom Krcha was talking about 3D native support in Flash Player at Adobe Camp Indonesia.

You can find list of all Adobe Evangelists at: http://adobeevangelists.com/

6. March 2011

Standard Slide in 3D – WebGL

I was playing little bit with GLGE library.

Ermanno Balzi’s Standard Slide is now in 3D. You can test it here. Just wait few seconds after displaying stage. It will take some time to download model.

Requirements: browser with WebGL support. In these days it is Google Chrome or Firefox 4.

Here is sample screenshot:

Do you need more examples of WebGL in real world? Go to WebGL Earth.

2. February 2011

3D in PDF

It’s quite easy to embed Rich Internet Application in PDF.

Just open Acrobat X Pro, choose Create PDF, select SWF, add assets and you’ve got working application inside PDF.

Let’s push boundaries of imagination. What about PDF document and 3D?

Is it even possible to have fully interactive 3D in PDF?

No problem! 🙂 Just build app in Flex with 3D support and embed it in PDF.

Here is example of Ermmano Balzi – Standard Slide 3D drawing in PDF: PS20160-GC20100-PC20120.pdf

Note: You’ll need Acrobat Reader X to view this PDF.

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