9. November 2011

Flash Player for mobile world was replaced by HTML5 and AIR

Flash Player for mobile browsers won’t be in development anymore. This is not big surprise in my opinion.

Adobe shifted focus to AIR for mobile and HTML5. It is possible to build native apps for desktop and mobile with AIR.

Note: Development of Adobe AIR for Linux was cancelled during summer 2011. AIR supports Mac, Win and mobile devices.

You can read more about this game changing decision at Adobe’s blog.

18. June 2011

Structure of Flex project for multi-target development

What I mean by multi-target?

Today it is possible to create Flex project that runs in browser as Flash application. Other option is to create mobile or desktop application using AIR.

The question is how to structure bigger projects that need to target web, mobile and desktop.

Let’s assume that we’re developing multiple applications and therefore it is good to have common library which aggregates common functions.

That is sufficient when you’re targeting just one platform. Once you need to support more projects then one common library is not enough.

It is reasonable to split this library into the main core that is common for all projects and then create specialized libraries for AIR, web and mobile.

On the top of these libraries you can build final applications for desired platform.


  • top: applications for mobile, web and desktop
  • middle: specialized libraries that extends functionality for mobile, web, desktop
  • bottom: common library for all platforms

14. June 2011

Air 2.7 – performance improvement for iOS apps

AIR 2.7 was released! Many new things and improvements. AIR now supports Mac, Win, Android and Blackberry devices.

You can use JavaScript, ActionScript, HTML, MXML or native code to build your application.

See full article at blogs.adobe.com.

27. May 2011

WebCam Toolbox 0.1 is now open source

WebCam Toolbox is useful for speakers. This tool allows to display view from web camera during presentation.

Just start application and select web camera source.

Install WebCamp Toolbox just by click:

Some links:

Note: Adobe AIR is required in order to install this application. You can download it from http://get.adobe.com.air.

Further information about project is at WebCam Toolbox project page.

22. May 2011

You can use Smurf’s nose to resize window

Introduction of new feature in AIR 2.6 made me laugh. ­čśÇ

For more details read original article from Christian Cantrell.

21. May 2011

aDevCamp Prague – slides and links

Box2D Engine: Box2D, Lee Brimelow – GotoAndLearn()

Web: aDevCamp.cz

17. May 2011

Smooth workflow for mobile development

World of mobile devices is quite complex. Increasing number of operating systems and platforms is spliting market and making it harder to implement app that works across different devices.

Thankfully there are some good solutions. Flex development team made a huge step forward and  they prepared tools for whole workflow.

If you’re interested in mobile development take a look at this video from Edge newsletter.

I’ll show part of this workflow also this week in Prague at Android Dev Camp. So feel free to stop by. We can discuss many topics related to mobile and Flex/AIR. ­čśë

17. May 2011

IntelliJ IDEA 10.5 with improved Flex/AIR support is here

Hooray! ­čÖé

New features in IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate for Flex developers:

  • Move inner ActionScipt class to Package refactoring.
  • Introduce variable/field refactorings improvements.
  • Full cycle of Mobile AIR applications development support.


23. April 2011

Lupo tools for AIR/ActionScript translation – direct link

David Deraedt released Lupo tools for translating AIR/ActionScript apps quite long time ago. Unfortunately something is broken on his web site. Instead of AIR installer badge there is only warning that you should upgrade Flash Player.

AIR packages are still available, you can download them via direct link:



You can find more information about translating Flex/AIR applications in article written by Holly Schinsky – Flex 4 Localization Quick Start.


26. March 2011

From Illustrator to Windows Phone 7 application

Adobe AIR is quite advanced platform for building mobile applications. We can take our graphic assets, put them into Catalyst project. We can add some logic and interaction in Flash Builder. The only problem is that actual version of AIR does not support Windows Phone 7. Adobe said that engineers are working on that, but there is no official support yet. Maybe soon, who knows?

The question is how to build app for Windows Phone 7 using our graphic assets. Good news. We can reuse all graphic assets from Illustrator, Photoshop or files in FXG format.

The workflow for WP7 is similar to workflow for Adobe AIR, just tools are little bit different.

We can follow these steps:

  • create assets using Photoshop, Illustrator or Catalyst.
  • grab developer tools from create.msdn.com
  • import assets to Expression Blend 4 and design application layout, save the solution
  • open solution in Visual Studio and add some logic
  • run application on device or in emulator

Here is small video which demonstrates this workflow:

  • Where’s the fish?

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