13. January 2013

3D HTML inspection in Firefox

Firefox has one very neat feature for web developers – 3D inspection. It’s very useful when you need to examine layer overlay or event bubbling.

Just right click and choose Inspect Element:


You’ll switch to inspect mode. Click 3D View in the right bottom corner.


Simple ­čÖé

17. August 2011

Problem with jQueryMobile application in Internet Explorer

I was building application based on jQueryMobile.

It worked correctly in all modern browsers except Internet Explorer. Application was displayed incorrectly and it was not functioning at all.

Solution to this problem was quite easy. I forgot to specify following line in the beginning of document:

<!DOCTYPE html>

Application started to work correctly also in IE after this small fix.

24. May 2011

WebGL: 3 Dreams of Black

Just grab Google Chrome or Firefox 4 and watch this nice video clip 3 Dreams of Black.

Wonderful piece of computer art. ­čÖé

You can find more info about technology behind the scene in following video:


6. May 2011

HTML5 API – File.slice changed

Promised glory and unity of HTML5 API is falling apart. API keeps breaking with every new version of browser. That’s sad.

Firefox and Google Chrome implemented File API for manipulating with files. It contained very useful function slice.

Slice allowed you to read part of file content. This was quite handy when dealing with big files.

Poorly chosen name for API function caused split in browsers unity. Here is explanation:

This method was removed in Gecko 5.0 (Firefox 5.0) because its syntax differs from that of Array.slice() and String.slice(). Work is ongoing on standardizing its replacement, but for now you can use the mozSlice() method on Gecko-based browsers.


Method was replaced by:

  • mozSlice – in Firefox
  • webkitSlice – in Google Chrome

There is one important difference in the second parameter of function:

  • In case of slice it was length of block that should be loaded.
  • In case of *Slice it is the end position of block (length + start position).

2. April 2011

Debugging Flex apps in Firefox 4

When you want to debug Flex app just start debugger in Flash Builder. It will launch browser, e.g. Firefox 4.

The problem is that when you stop at break point for too long, Firefox 4 will terminate Flash plugin. Default limit is 45 seconds.

This is useful behavior for normal web, but it’s not good for debugging.

Solution is quite easy.

Type URL: about:config

Enter filter: dom.ipc.plugins.timeoutSecs

Change value to -1

I found this solution at: support.mozilla.com

Happy debugging. ­čÖé

6. March 2011

Standard Slide in 3D – WebGL

I was playing little bit with GLGE library.

Ermanno Balzi’s Standard Slide is now in 3D. You can test it here. Just wait few seconds after displaying stage. It will take some time to download model.

Requirements: browser with WebGL support. In these days it is Google Chrome or Firefox 4.

Here is sample screenshot:

Do you need more examples of WebGL in real world? Go to WebGL Earth.

8. January 2011

How to dump POST response from server

In previous “POST” I mentioned solution how to dump client’s POST request at server side.

What about POST respose?

Start Firefox. Open Firebug Network monitor and…

… and it does not work properly for POST response.

Let’s try different solution. Start Opera. Open Dragonfly Network monitor and..

… and it does not work for POST response. Not implemented yet?

That is quite sad situation, but don’t worry there is simple solution.

There is plugin for Firefox known as HttpFox which works very well. (thanks to E. for link)

I would like to mention also one other tool known as Fideler2. It’s Windows application which allows you to track all HTTP communication from your computer.

Then there is another solution known as Wireshark. The only problem is that Wireshark does not work on Windows with some wireless interfaces.

29. October 2010

Oprava inštalácie Flash Playeru pre Firefox/WinXP-CZ

Dobr├í spr├íva. ­čÖé

In┼ítal├ícia Flash Playeru u┼ż op├Ą┼ą funguje na Windows XP – CZ vo Firefoxe.

V─Ćaka Adobe za vyrie┼íenie probl├ęmu FP-5556.

4. October 2010

Nie je mo┼żn├ę nain┼ítalova┼ą Flash Player do Firefoxu na Windows/CZ

Objavila sa chyba, kedy nie je mo┼żn├ę nain┼ítalova┼ą Flash Player do Firefoxu na Windows/CZ.

Inštalácia prebieha z adresy http://get.adobe.com/cz/flashplayer.

Rie┼íenie: zadajte priamo URL, ktor├ę neobsahuje CZ – http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer.

Chyba je reportovaná na bugs.adobe.com pod kódom FP-5556.

19. May 2010

┼átartuje Firefox ─Źoraz pomal┼íie?

Typick├Żm probl├ęmom pri ┼ítarte Firefoxu je jeho pomal┼í├ş a pomal┼í├ş ┼ítart.

Kde je probl├ęm? Nevedia v├Żvoj├íri vyv├şja┼ą?

V├Żvoj├íri vyv├şjaj├║ dobre. Aspo┼ł jadro prehliada─Źa m├í porovnate─żn├║ efektivitu ako u susedn├Żch prehliada─Źov. Probl├ęm prin├í┼íaj├║ r├┤zne roz┼íiruj├║ce doplnky. Nie v┼íetky s├║ ├║plne ide├ílne vytvoren├ę. Naviac pri ┼ítarte Firefoxu sa postupne inicializuj├║. Sta─Ź├ş nieko─żko chybn├Żch alok├ícii a ne┼ż sa Firefox spust├ş, m├íte 200 MB pam├Ąte pre─Ź.

Autorov modulov by som r├íd po┼żiadal, aby si ob─Źas pre─Ź├ştali nejak├ę to odpor├║─Źanie. Tie┼ż je vhodn├ę po┼żiada┼ą o review k├│du. ─îasto sta─Ź├ş drobn├í ├║prava a modul m├í mnohon├ísobne men┼íiu pam├Ą┼ąov├║ stopu.

Ako zr├Żchli┼ą ┼ítart Firefoxu z poh─żadu pou┼ż├şvate─ża? Sk├║ste vypn├║┼ą moduly a sledujte, ─Źo sa deje. Typicky jeden z modulov je nen├ísytn├Ż a sta─Ź├ş ho v├Żpn├║┼ą.

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