11. July 2013

W2k8 in KVM is not able to reach network

I found interesting issue while testing W2k8 with KVM. I used bridged network with br0 interface.

<interface type='bridge'>
 <mac address='52:54:00:...'/>
 <source bridge='br0'/>
 <model type='e1000' />

Windows server was not able to reach network. Network card was on-line, but ping was not working and network was not reachable.

Then I found PilotJLR’s solution. I just removed line with model type=’e1000′:

<interface type='bridge'>
 <mac address='52:54:00:...'/>
 <source bridge='br0'/>

Then I redefined virtual machine and start it again:

virsh define virtual.xml
virsh start virtual
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